About Us

Transylvania, because there is where I want to offer you travel experiences.

I think I’m a brave person! And when I burn for one thing, my mind and my body get into a whirl. And I get it for what I’m passionate about!

This is how Transylvania travel was created. A project from the heart with social entrepreneurship values. I contribute to the country that has shaped me into who I am now, with the experience of the 12 years in the country of adoption

This mix of the two cultures I have come into contact with gave birth to a unique experience that I called Transylvania Travel. Transylvania because that’s where I want to offer you travel experiences.
Beautiful places, a land of legend, always surprising!

Our Staff

I invite you to join our young team, full of enthusiasm, to discover the values of Romania, the real ones: life in villages still connected with nature, landscapes detached us from stories, warm-hearted people with bright and hospitable eyes


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