08 September 2019

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Here begins the Transylvania reiser adventure. Like a legend told by the fireplace with:

Here begins the Transylvania reiser adventure. Like a legend told by the fireplace with:
… once upon a time there was a girl who loved to travel a lot.
One day, she plucked up her courage, and went off to test her limits just far away, in Norway.
Life in Norway leads her through various experiences; from periods of intense enthusiasm to periods of survival in a new culture, with interesting people, but very different from her home life. She wants to come back home, among her gentle, hospitable, and bright lighted people. Year after year, she spends her holidays rediscovering Romania through a tourist’s eyes.
And she can see it is wonderful!
Now she appreciates its legends, values, traditions, people’s generosity, unlike she was doing when she still lived there.
But Norway was also wrapping her with its discipline, and with its way of seeding trust, and giving wings to dreaming and ambitious minds.
First of all she feels the need of reducing her souls excess and giving back to the country which educated her the values about volunteering acquired by the influence of the Norwegian culture.

Therefore she begins her adventure of 8 years of humanitarian activities.
She travels! She spends her holidays still in Romania, but this time not alone, or with her family, but
together with the children from the orphanages of Sibiu County, in the summer camps organized by
her together with the Romaniahjelepen Vestlandet organization;
or, simply listening to their stories about what they want from their life. Thus, she seeds in the souls
of the children lacking parental affection the faith that some time they will have a good life if they
maintain their motivation and feed their dreams every day.
During the humanitarian trips, she gets contact with new people, various as personality, who
discover Romania for the first time side by side with her.

… like in the action movies…
… a few years later…
for the first time the image of Transylvania reiser arises in her mind!
So well outlined, that from idea to action everything happens fast, like in the happy events intended
to occur.
The events succeed harmoniously, and a financing opportunity appears, with social
entrepreneurship connotations.
This girl wishing to write stories about adventures is invited to accept the participation in a project
about entrepreneurship.
At the end of a year and a half of efforts and training a reward was waiting for her: a financing which
could help her put into practice the Transylvania reiser story.
Yes, she will create working places! and she will give back to the country which educated her the
experience impressed on her personality by the twelve years of Norwegian adventure!
… Well, yes!
… The concept is tailor-made for her!

She is invaded by emotions from time to time, thinking whether she did not put on too big shoes, and
which she wears trying to seem natural from outside.
She keeps her doubts inside with elegance and goes on.
She gathers around her nice people who encourage her, and who confirm her that it is a beautiful
idea, and…
Start on!…
Welcome to our story!
Come closer to tell you details!
It is so much to tell!
I shall tell you at leisure with a lot of enthusiasm when we travel together!
So long,

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