MMoldavia is a region in north-eastern Romania, comprising the remaining territory of the Principality of Moldova after the loss in 1776 of the northwest region called Bucovina and in 1812 the eastern half of the Principality called Bessarabia (Republic of Moldova).

The period of maximum development and prosperity of Moldova was during the reign of Stephen the Great (1457-1504), who through battles against the Ottoman Empire, but not only. During this period, he managed to maintain the independence status of the Principality of Moldova. With the union of Moldova with Wallachia, done by Alexandru Ioan Cuza on January 24, 1859, the modern history of Romania begins.

Moldova rivals Transylvania when it comes to rich folklore, natural beauty and astonishing history.

Nestled in the rolling hills of northern Moldova is the region of Bucovina, home to one of the world's greatest art treasures: the UNESCO World heritage sites of the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. Built in the 15th and 16th centuries and featuring colorful exterior frescoes depicting dramatic religious scenes, these richly decorated houses of worships are unique in the world.

The town of Suceava, may be the best starting point for a trip to the monasteries. Once the capital of Moldavia (from 1375 until 1565), it has some noteworthy attractions of its own, such as the remains of the Fortress of Suceava built in 1388. Today, visitors can tour the remains of the impressive fortifications and take in a great view of the city.

Join us in this amazing journey during which we will visit UNESCO heritage sites!


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